7 Tips for New Teachers: How to Keep Your Students Engaged

Keeping your students engaged is one of the most important things for any new teacher to learn. When your students are engaged with your lessons, they’re less likely to be disruptive and more likely to meet their learning objectives. Fortunately, there are many tips for new teachers to keep your students engaged throughout the day and ensure they get the most out of your lessons. If you’re looking for ideas to keep your students engaged in the classroom, try these tips for new teachers.

1. Get the Class Warmed Up

Getting everyone engaged at the beginning of each day or returning from a break can be tricky. Warmup activities are excellent for getting everyone’s attention and helping you to keep them engaged for the rest of the day. These activities can include games or quizzes that allow everyone to participate.

2. Use Movement in the Classroom

Movement can wake everyone up and give you a way to do things differently. It can invigorate your students, help them to focus, and give you a way to ensure everyone is joining in. It’s also ideal to use in moments when you might feel like you don’t have much to do. You can get everyone to stand up and follow along with various movements.

3. Encourage Collaboration

Correll Computer Table

Instead of having students work individually all the time, you can use group tasks to encourage collaboration. Get everyone working together and promote discussion and teamwork so they can learn to share the workload. It can get everyone more engaged compared to quietly filling out a worksheet.

4. Focus Students on Learning

Sitting and listening to the teacher all day isn’t necessarily very engaging for many students. But focusing on the students and allowing them to lead the learning can get them more engaged. You might task them with giving a presentation or get students to pair up and discuss what they know about a topic before you start your lesson on it.

5. Stimulate Different Senses

Providing materials and a classroom environment that will stimulate different senses is an excellent way to keep your students engaged. You can make sure your classroom has visual stimulation like posters, hands-on things to do, and even classroom supplies that make different sounds.

6. Turn Topics Into Creative Activities

Creative activities are excellent for providing tactile and engaging things to do. There are many ways to turn a topic into an arts and crafts project that’s both creative and educational. Having plenty of crafting supplies in your classroom means you’ll always have the option to come up with some creative activities for everyone to do.

7. Set Up Something to Look Forward to

Having something to look forward to at the end of a lesson or at the end of the day can keep students engaged and excited. It could be playing a game, working on a project, having some reading time, or other things your class enjoys, whether it’s every day or you set some dates to do something fun.

There are many tips for new teachers to use to keep their students engaged. Consider their different learning styles and interests to get them to enjoy learning and remain engaged. And we at Canadian Museum & Library Supply have everything you need to create an engaging classroom.