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Together we're supporting STEAM goals

Spark Kits by FutureMakers

These Spark Kits provide playful learning tools that build confidence in creating at every age. Explore some of these innovative options below. 

Art Machines​

Create a compound art machine creature that can grab with its mouth by assembling a system of levers and fulcra.

Monster Mouths

Engineer a monster that can move its giant mouth using air pressure.

Crankie Contraptions

Assemble a folding frame, illustrate a story, and roll out the sequence on a paper screen.

Flying Machines

Invent a wind-up flying machine that explores the transfer of potential to kinetic energy.


Build moving creatures and mechanisms with a system of sturdy cardboard levers and pivots.


Explore balanced and unbalanced forces in a motorized wiggling machine.

Demco Makerspace Cart 2.0

Brimming with more making supplies and activities, the new Makerspace Cart 2.0 builds STEAM skills by providing mini-makers with the right tools in the right places. 


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makerspace cart 2
futuremakers refill kit art machines

Art Machines

futuremakers refill kit monster mouths

Monster Mouth

futuremakers refill kit crankie contraptions

Crankie Contraptions

futuremakers refill kit flying machines

Flying Machines

futuremakers refill kit linkages


futuremakers refill kit strawbots