An avatar is a digital representation of a person in a virtual world. Program participants will imagine themselves as avatars and design and develop various aspects of their avatar alter egos.

The kit contains the following program plans:

• Build a 3D Model: Participants will design and build an avatar for a game and explore media literacy through the use of a green screen app to place their avatars in appropriate environments.

• Electronic Accessory Design: Participants will design a symbol for their avatars and create a wristband or badge incorporating circuits and lights.

• Eco-Avatar Apparel Design: Participants will determine what skills/powers their avatars have and design and create the appropriate clothing and accessories using repurposed supplies.

• Train Like an Avatar: Participants will brainstorm a list of all the actions an avatar takes within a game. Imagining themselves as avatars, they will come up with and test a training program to get ready to join a game.