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Archival Supplies & Storage Boxes

gaylord archival® gem weathered frame tabletop case with linen wrapped interior

For the best in archival storage supplies, Canada turns to Canadian Museum and Library Supply. We supply a wide range of circulation and information desks, storage materials, specialized equipment, and archival boxes in Canada. Canadian Museum and Library Supply serves schools, museums, and libraries across Canada and any industries where the preservation and safe storage of records and information is important. 

This guide discusses a few of our supplies and the reasons they’re so vital to the continued cultural health of Canada and its history.

Preserving Knowledge for Tomorrow

Preserving knowledge is essential for the success and education of future generations. Libraries and museums do our country a great public service, so we are driven to provide the highest quality archival supplies for Canada’s best and brightest. Schools teach our students to master the skills, technologies, and cultural advancements of tomorrow, while also serving as a repository of history. School records are essential for colleges, employment, and posterity. 

Improper storage of materials can lead to irreparable damage, costing these institutions money and precious historical items that simply cannot be replaced. We create our supplies with an eye toward safe and secure preservation, efficient in both cost and space, without compromising on quality.

For Display

gaylord archival® gem weathered frame tabletop case with linen wrapped interior

Tabletop cases like this gem-weathered frame case with a linen-wrapped interior are designed to display your materials with a sophisticated look that accentuates the item on display. The hand-polished acrylic vitrine attaches the display to the base securely and filters UV, while the stressed wood frame comes in multiple colors to suit your display area. 

The case is strong enough to protect your materials but elegant enought in its simple design to keep the focus squarely on the items you have on display.

Our extra-wide acrylic gun and sword stands operate under the same principle: what’s important to see is the item on display, not the stand. Reinforced to accommodate weapons of larger sizes, the stand is durable but subtle so that you can display your historical prize proudly.

extra wide acrylic sword/gun stand

Record Keeping

gaylord archival® blue classic record storage carton without handholds

Letters, legal folders, and important medical documents demand superior storage for their preservation. Our corrugated board storage cartons are made without handholds so they can fully enclose their valuable contents, and are reinforced on the sides and bottom for extra protection. 

Archival Accessories

Delicate documents and historical relics require extra attention to safety to avoid damaging them. Deacidification spray can help preserve those documents by neutralizing harmful acids in the pages and replacing them with a durable alkaline reserve in the fibers. We make the best archival supplies in Canada to account for our brutal weather and the impact it can have on unprotected documents.

Similarly, using lint-free knit nylon gloves is advised when you are handling the most delicate and sensitive of documents, film, prints, and other fragile items. They keep your hands off the pages and come in a full range of sizes.

Nylon Gloves

Only the Best

Canadian Museum & Library Supply supplies the finest archival supplies in Canada for a reason. We care about preserving the integrity of your documents, prints, and other items just as much as you do because we value everything they represent. Don’t trust your archival and storage needs to cheaply-made foreign materials. Let us do what we do best: help our neighbors across the country protect their most important artifacts.